Tuesday, 13 April 2021
  1. establishment of high standard and modern rooms with facilities such as TV, Refrigerator and etc.
  2. Low cost specialty and subspecialty packages compared to other countries ,even neighbor countries.
  3. private transportation from airport to hospital and If necessary exclusive transportation from hospital to airport or hotel.
  4. All rooms are equipped with high speed wi_ fi and direct telephone line.
  5. The opportunity to use a well- trained and professional  medical staff .
  6. A peaceful and pleasant environment for the recovery of patients .
  7. Experienced and trained employer to provide services to international patients
  8. cooperation with the best surgeons in Iran and mashhad .
  9. This hospital have many guideboards in Persian , English and Arabic.
  10. Providing health care services with the best quality , short time and affordable cost is the goal of the 22 Bahman Hospital . Specialists and Professionals doctors are working in this hospital . The hospital  also has a library , cafeteria, restaurant and mosque.


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