Friday, 07 October 2022

Dear guests , welcome


Please pay attention to the following points :


  1. When entering the department , people do not have jewelry and precious objects , special bags (personal clothing and accessories )are provided to guests when entering the section .
  2. every client can have a  one companion.
  3. Entry of children to the section is forbidden . please do not bring children less than 7 years of age to the hospital at the time of visit .
  4. Hospital clearance is done from 09:00 until 13:40
  5. Visit time at 14:30 _15:30
  6. Nurse call alarm is on the top of the bed (use it when necessary)
  7. Breakfast is at 7:00 am, lunch is at 12:00 and dinner is at 7:00 pm
  8. It is better to give the person pear and pineapple compote after the surgery .
  9. If you use any medicine before hospitalization ,it is necessary to notify in charge of the ward.
  10.  10.If you have any question or need any guidance on matters relating to the insurance and release ,please discuss it with the secretary of the ward .
  11. In case of the changing the bed position and the guard along it in cooperation with in charge of the ward ,please ask the service personnel.
  12. In case of any problem in giving nursing services you can refer to in charge of the ward .
  13. smoking is prohibited in all areas of the hospital
  14. Please avoid bringing  any natural flower or pots to the hospital in order to prevent any contamination and infection.
  15. Please avoid putting any black plastic bags or carton boxes in the refrigerator
  16. Please avoid bringing fruits such as melon , water melon and any plugged fruit that are kept in the refrigerator .
  17. Please wash your hands before and after entering a patient s room , in order to control nosocomial infections.
  18. Please throw the non-infectious wastes such as cans , disposable containers and the remaining of foods in the blue trash cans ;and throw infectious wastes including paper ,dressings ,gauze or any blooded thing and patient discharges in the yellow trash cans .
  19.  Please behave cooperatively with the giving service personnel at the time of ward cleaning.

One of the most significant things to prevent hospital infections is to washing hands .






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