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Get to know the Therapeutic wards and equipment of 22 bahman Hospital

       _surgical sections of men

Ward surgical sections of men
Phone 051-32595516-274
Head of ward DR . Masood isapour
Head nurse Mrs . Naghmeh  mahdavi
Beds 21


         _surgical sections of women

Ward Surgical section of women
Phone 051-32595516-254
Head of ward DR . Parisa Zarief Najafi
Head nurse
  1. Mrs. Naghmeh mahdavi
Beds 34


   _Maternity department

Ward Maternity department
Phone 051-32595516-237
Head of ward DR . Roya Nasiri
Head nurse Mrs .Mahshad Erfani Khanghahi
Beds 11 beds +1 operation room bed


-            _ Operating room

Ward Operating room
Phone 051-32595516-278
Head of ward DR .Ahmad Beyzaei
Head nurse
  1. Mrs. Zahra Hashemiyan
Beds 4  operate beds + 4 recovery beds



Ward Icu
Phone 051-32595516-289
Head of ward DR .Javad Rezaei
Head nurse
  1. Mrs. Maliheh Teymourei
Beds 5






Phone 051-32595516-230
Head of ward DR .Mozhgan bayat mokhtari
Head nurse
  1. Mrs. Sheyda Komeyly
Beds 12
Academic supervisor
  1.  DR. Mozhgan .Bayat Mokhtari


          ـ Women Psychiatry ward

Ward Neonatal intensive care unit
Phone 051-32595516-268
Head of ward DR .Vahid .Saadatiyan
Head nurse
  1. Mrs. Farnosh Rokhi
Beds 15


           ـHemodialysis ward

Ward Hemodialysis ward
Phone 051-32595516-240
Head of ward DR .Mahmod reza Khazaei
Head nurse
  1. Mrs. Maryam Esmail zadeh
Beds 11



Ward Emergency ward
Phone 051-32595516-214
Head of ward DR .Ahmad Sadeghi 
Head nurse
  1. Mrs. Mahnaz Forghani
Beds 8 beds + 1 operate bed



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