Friday, 07 October 2022

Reception and hospitalization policies for foreign nationals


  1. Enter the hospital
  2. The receptionist will welcome the foreign national patients and some people are determined in order to talk to them
  3. The ipd expert will quickly introduce the patient to emergency physician and if the patient is required to be hospitalized the emergency physician will give him / her necessary orders
  4. The ipd expert  will hospitalize the patient based on his / her ID card and while doing so will notify the current supervisor and matron of the hospital about the related information .
  5. The ipd expert  will accurately and carefully receive the informed consent from the patients and their entourages and will kindly and humbly guide them to the related ward
  6. The matron will introduce him (her)self and his / her ward to the patient and will guide the patient to special room
  7. The matron will carry out the medical prescriptions orders of the emergency physician after delivering the patients to the ward
  8. The foreign nationals special nurse will be introduce to the patients


Attention please

  1. Doctor admission order will be needed for the reception
  2. For the admission of person under 18 years old the presence of father or legal guardian is necessary .

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