Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Introduction to the department of international patients

Head of Hospital : DR.M.KHAZAEI

Management : MRS.MITRA . KHAZAEI

International patients doctor : DR.HASHEM.TOLOU

International patients expert : MRS.ZAHRA .TALEBIYAN

Activities for the international department :


      1-The possibility of consultation with a doctor before in-person visiting

      2-Assign VIP room to the international patient

      3-Patient access to the internet

      4-Nutrition expert monitoring on the patient s diet and the possibility of ordering food out         of the menu

      5-Visiting the patient by international psychiatrist

6 .Assign a separate office in the hospital under the supervision of the head of the hospital

7-The presence of an expert responsible for admission to clearance of the international patient

8-Registration of international patient s information on voice –chancellor in treatment AVAB system

9-Provide patient bill in English at the time of clearance

10-Possibility of communicating with a doctor and international expert after clearance



LOCATION : Hospital office , First floor

Working hours : every day at 7 :00 _ 14:35

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